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What Others Have to Say About Us

Katie Vincer Sears

"As a general dentist and owner of multiple dental practices as well as a wife and mom to three young kids, I found myself drowning, both personally and professionally. It was Keith who saved me! Utilizing Keith’s coaching, he quickly got my head above water with my practices. He guided me in establishing procedures and protocols that allowed the practices to run more effectively and efficiently, which allowed me to have more time with my kids and husband. Keith provided an honest perspective while gently guiding me to achieve success beyond my imagination. While he coached me in the day-to-day operations of the dental practices, he has also mentored me as I started up and sold dental practices. His wisdom and expertise are priceless and he generously shares his knowledge. Thanks to Keith’s coaching and mentoring, I have been able to achieve not just financial success, but more importantly, personal success. I now have a much improved balance of my time and energy between my family and practices. I am forever grateful to Keith for redirecting both my personal and professional projection of success!"

Katie Vincer Sears | DDS / Founder, Scarlet Dental Practices

Seth Lilly

"Knowledgable and professional, kind and courteous, CWL approaches individuals with the sort of disarming charm that belies their extensive experience as business "power players.""

Seth Lilly | Global VP Software Engineering, BioLife Solutions, Inc.

Michelle Galligan

"Within the first few months of working with CWL, they helped me implement the two year plan I had developed for my business in less than 90 days by coaching me on eliminating barriers, developing systems of leverage, and focusing on what I do best. As an entrepreneur, it's tough to find people who have both large organization best practices experience and entrepreneurial environment acumen, and can combine the two to help an entrepreneur move a business forward quickly."

Michelle Galligan | CEO, Keep Financials

Chris Balton

"As NAGAAA Commissioner, I am pleased to offer the following recommendation for CWL. CWL facilitated a working session for the NAGAAA Board members on March 31 and April 1, 2012. As a result of their very capable guidance, we were in a position to identify projects, action items, owners for each, due dates and synergies with other board members. CWL's professionalism kept the board very engaged. They were incredibly informative and offered constructive commentary which enlightened us and encouraged us to challenge ourselves. So much great work was accomplished under their tutelage. After the facilitation was completed CWL offered additional commentary exhibiting that they do not disengage with their clients. I highly recommend CWL based on their professionalism, passion and positivity. Sessions facilitated by CWL are sure to glean many positive results."

Chris Balton | Commissioner, NAGAAA

Sue Darby

"CWL has a special talent for understanding the unique challenges of non-profit organizations. As an Senior Vice President of a non profit, CWL provides valuable coaching to me and my team. Their knowledge and in-sight of how to create a high-performing organization has been a huge asset. They have helped me grow professionally in confidence and competence. When I have a particular challenge, whether it’s in the area of board development, human resources or planning, the first resource I think of to help me is Consulting Without Limits."

Sue Darby | Senior Vice President, YMCAs of Central Ohio

Michael Dalby

"CWL led our team in a one-hour mini-strategy session to challenge us to be "customer-centric". It was the most efficient and effective strategy session I had ever experienced! They took the time to be well-prepared, sought to understand our organization, and led us to ask ourselves if we really were what we thought we were. We've already started to incorporate some of their key ideas. I'd strongly recommend CWL for strategic planning and "value checking"."

Michael Dalby | President & CEO, Columbus Chamber of Commerce

Kyle Bogan

"About 3 years into my start-up dental practice, I was at a crossroads. Do I maintain the practice that I worked hard to build or do I take it to the next level and grow into the practice I had been dreaming of? When I consulted advisors who were well respected in the “dental space” their recommendation was to use their systems and manuals to maintain what I had built. Then I met Keith! Keith’s advice and council helped me to quickly grow my small practice into my dream practice complete with a brand new larger facility. He also helped me plan the launch of my second location in such a way as to be profitable from the first month in business. If you are looking for a mentor to help you to not only succeed in business, but also to meet your personal and professional goals no matter what stage of your career you are in - look no further!"

Kyle Bogan | General Dentist & Founder, North Orange Family Dentistry and Advanced Smiles Marion

Cheryl Harrison

"CWL is some of the sharpest business minds I know. Their ability to take on the challenges of an organization or individual and find creative, effective solutions is masterful.""

Cheryl Harrison | CEO, Benefactory

Nate Riggs

"Our sessions have made a noticeable difference in my self-confidence, decision-making ability, and emotional intelligence…CWL works magic in helping me stay accountable and efficient in working toward the goals I've laid out."

Nate Riggs | CEO, NR Media

Danica Kombol

"Running a successful business goes hand in hand with leading a successful life. CWL is strategists and coaches who does an amazingly good job of helping entrepreneurs (like me) uncover the life and business obstacles and opportunities to help grow a business. Part cheerleader, part tough guys, CWL is a bundle of energy, wisdom and tactical recommendations. I've been working with them less than a year and have already seen a 25% growth in my business, am less stressed and feel more confident about my next steps. "

Danica Kombol | President, Everywhere Agency

Brian Lawrence

"CWL helped our leaders develop a strategic and tactical plan for a large number of critical initiatives impacting our business, shared services partners, and associates. CWL delivered expert tools and facilitation. They were able to adjust our plan on the fly to meet the needs of the team and still tie together all of the content. The result was an executive leadership team with enhanced strategic planning knowledge and skills, and a detailed plan to move forward. The leadership team is still raving about CWL's professionalism, facilitation skills and direct style. To quote our VP, "The best I have ever worked with.""

Brian Lawrence | HR Director, Nationwide Insurance

Yohannan "Yogi" Terrell

"There are times when you need answers, not just support, and that's what we love about working with CWL. They're not here to make us feel better; they're here to help us be better. Working with CWL is like having a C-Suite in your back pocket."

Yohannan "Yogi" Terrell | CEO, Warhol & WALL ST

Megan Kilgore

"I was once asked during an interview, “If you had one hour to pull off a major event, to whom would you place your first call for help?” My answer was easy: Consulting Without Limits. Having served with them on numerous community projects and non-profit committees, I have seen them work miracles when given limited time and limited resources. They begin with immediately surveying the situation – gathering the details, setting benchmarks, and determining the action steps needed to meet initial goals. They then communicate a strategic plan to the board, harvest their ideas, sharpen their focus, build rippling enthusiasm, and support the group on its journey, whether that be for development, marketing, a membership drive, or a fast-paced, catastrophe-driven need for immediate funding. CWL's greatest strength is that they're facilitators. And even though I now call them good friends, I still sit in the audience of speaking engagements and find myself mesmerized – time and time again – by their ability to connect, inspire, and educate. They has been nothing short of transformative for the organizations with whom we’ve served and I’m proud, and fortunate, to call them my go-to resource."

Megan Kilgore | City Auditor, City of Columbus