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You’re Hired. You’re Fired. What just happened?

You're Hired. You're Fired. What Happened?

In a recent training session, the Facilitator asked, “Why does a supervisor choose to hire someone?” The group generated a list with all the usual suspects:

  • We like the person.
  • The person seems nice.
  • Nepotism.
  • The person would be a good fit for our culture.

You get the idea.

Later in the session, the Facilitator asked, “Why would a supervisor choose to fire someone?” Hmmm. Pretty simple list if you boil it down:

  • Poor Performance
  • Bad Attitude

Shouldn’t the reasons for which we hire someone be the same as the reasons for which we would fire them?

Unfortunately, hiring managers often spend more time investigating personalities than they do the candidate’s ability to perform the core job responsibilities or competencies.

TIP: If you want to lower your company turnover rates, which will save you money,  begin defining, interviewing and selecting candidates for positions or promotions based upon the needed competencies.

What are your horror stories or some examples of companies who really do this well?

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