Keith is one of the sharpest business minds I know. His ability to take on the challenges of an organization or individual and find creative, effective solutions is masterful.

— Cheryl Harrison, Editor, Drink Up Columbus & Owner, Speechbubble


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You Have A Hole In Your Shorts

It was Sunday, and we were rushing out the door to meet friends for brunch. As Micheal ascended the stairs, I noticed he had a hole in his shorts, so I suggested he change, while he was upstairs. He stopped mid-journey and tried to locate the hole. To be honest, I couldn’t tell if he were assessing the size or just didn’t believe me, but he was looking – first to the right side, then the left. He looked up perplexed. It was clear to me that he couldn’t see the hole. It wasn’t a small hole, but from his vantage point, it simply wasn’t visible to him.

A Coach Can Give You Perspective

Sometimes, we need someone else to look at us – our behaviors, our efforts, our plans or our thoughts – and give us another perspective, another viewpoint. As a coach, that is part of the value I provide. My clients are all successful, but they want to maximize their potential, so I give them another set of eyes – eyes that can perhaps see what they cannot – because of my perspective.

When was the last time you had someone help you see something through a different lens? Could a coach help you with one or more of your goals? If so, give a shout and let’s talk about what you’re trying to accomplish.

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