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We Are What We Can’t Let Go Of

We Are What We Can't Let Go OfIf you are like me, you dread spring-cleaning. The words make me want to flee the state. I’m not sure why that is, as the process isn’t so bad in reality. I’m not one who has to purge years of junk. I just have to sort through a few boxes of clothes, wash some windows and floors, clean out gutters, and make sure the lawnmower is tuned up and ready to go. It’s really just the boxes of clothes that bother me.

I never want to throw anything out. If it is too big, I tell myself I might gain weight and need it again. If it’s too small, I convince myself this might be the year I lose those extra pounds and feel comfortable wearing it. If it’s outdated, I usually find a sentimental reason to keep it. It doesn’t matter that I won’t look good in it. I don’t mind that it’s not flattering on me or that I might not wear it in the next year, and therefore, I will find myself looking at the same items of clothing next year asking the same question: “Why am I holding onto this?”

Strategy work is not so different from spring-cleaning. We all have actions, our pet programs or processes (all strategies) that we don’t want to let go of for whatever reason. Occasionally, we come back to them, recognize they are just not right for us now, and yet, we hold onto them. Instead of looking at our data, admitting we are not getting the results we want and developing a focused plan to achieve the desired outcomes, we get sentimental over something we have invested time and energy in, but that hasn’t gotten us closer to our goals.

Brian Scudamore, founder of 1-800-got-junk, said, “We are what we can’t let go of.” I think that’s probably true. Unless we are willing to let go of the stuff that is not contributing to our goal attainment, our overall efforts will probably yield more of the same results.

So join me and purge your junk. What are you going to let go of and why? Are you willing to be honest about it? Let’s fill the comments below with the junk that is no longer going to hold us back!



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