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The Fear of Loss vs. The Hope Of Gain

“The fear of loss is twice as powerful as the hope for gain.” Pretty smart, huh? I wish I could say I said that. I didn’t. A guy by the name of Miroff did. I agree though.

We spend a lot of time holding ourselves back. We’re so afraid we’re going to fail that we don’t try and hope.

So take a mental inventory right now. What are you afraid of? What do you fear you could lose? Make a list. Open up that app on your phone and jot them down. I’ll wait

Look at the list. Scary, isn’t it?

Let’s make another list.

What could you gain if you tried and succeeded? Go on. Write it down. <waiting>

How’s it feel to look at that list? Pretty powerful, isn’t it?

The reality is you’ve got to find a way to get passed the fear of loss in order to reap the rewards that are possible.

What three things are you going to do TODAY that will help get you passed the fear? You know the drill. Write them down. <waiting again>

You can’t figure out where to start? Here are four things for your consideration:

  • Commit to yourself. No one else matters. In this moment, you have to be selfish. You have to do this for you. When you succeed, it can be for all the right reasons and people in your life who may be counting on you, but for this moment, you need to think YOU are worthy of it – whatever IT is.
  • Recognize when fear sinks in again, because it will. You’ll get through this. At some point though, doubt will return. Don’t be afraid of it. Deal with it. Dealing starts with recognizing doubt and fear when you see them. Don’t be in denial. Acknowledge them, then execute your plan for responding to them.
  • Have people in your corner who will cheer you on and help you get passed the fear. We all need cheerleaders who can pick us up when we don’t feel great about ourselves. Find yours. Be honest with them when you need something. Don’t make them guess. This isn’t the time for passive aggressive behavior. Just tell them you’re afraid. Cheerleaders will know what to say. Trust me.
  • Do the next thing. You don’t have to do everything – just the next thing. That’s not so scary, right? Break it into smaller tasks and do one, then another, and another. Soon, the thing you feared will be behind you.

Hope these help. Maybe you have other things you’ve done. We’re all in this together. Feel free to share your strategies in the comments below.

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