Keith is a valuable coach to me and my team. His knowledge and in-sight of how to create a high-performing organization have been huge assets.

— Sue Darby, Assistant Vice President, YMCAs of Central Ohio


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Sunday Morning Musings

Woke up this morning thinking about a few things which I thought I would share. Maybe one or two of them will spark something for you.
First, hustle. Hustle on its own seems like a positive thing, right? We hear people say it all the time – Do something! What are you up to? Just hustling. Especially in the startup community, HUSTLE has become a catch phrase. We wear that badge proudly. Look at me. I am a hustler!
This might not be popular, but hustle isn’t enough. I have seen people waste days, weeks and years running around looking busy. If you’re going to hustle, first plan. Be intentional. Be laser-like. Why are you taking these actions versus this one over here you keep avoiding? I tell clients all the time the Pareto Principle – 20% of your effort gets you 80% of your results – is where they need to focus. Figuring out what really is important and focusing your attention on those actions will yield success, however you define it.
Second, differentiation. I came across a video from 5 or so years ago in which I was sitting on a panel at the Ohio Growth Summit, and I was asked for some advice about starting a business and scaling a company. I spoke about culture and differentiation – setting your business apart from others in your vertical. As I watched the video clip, I wished I could go back and add a few sentences.
Here’s what I would add: Differentiation is important, but being able to articulate the differentiation EASILY is as important. If you have a good story, but can’t find a way to tell it, the story doesn’t matter. Products or services that are easy to differentiate and explain get more traction. It’s that simple.
Finally, growth. Everybody wants to build something huge. What if you built something you loved and were proud of instead? Right now, I am working on a new podcast and having the time of my life. I am laughing so much, and I am loving talking to the potential guests. It focuses on things I love and want to help promote in the world, so regardless of whether 5 or 5 million people see it, I will be proud of the work. Do great work. People will want to see it and be part of it.
There you have it. Sunday morning musings. Hope the weekend is treating you well.
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