Keith has been nothing short of transformative for the organizations with whom he's served and I’m proud, and fortunate, to call him my go-to resource.

— Megan Kilgore, Assistant Auditor, City of Columbus


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Snow Accumulates In A Magnitude

I was watching the news, and there were still more images of Boston and what appears to be the never ending snow storm. People were out shoveling snow on top of stacks of snow already 5′ high. They were shoveling because they new if they stopped it would overtake them, but, in truth, they really weren’t making progress.

This is not so different from small business owners or executives in successful companies. The more they try to do, the more stuff comes their direction. Soon, they’re surrounded by the stuff with only a small path to escape. It’s daunting. So how do you get out from under the stuff and make meaningful progress? Here’s how I do it.

Instead of trying to do a little bit on a lot of things, I separate the issues and conquer them one at a time. The achievement of checking something off the list – of knowing something is done and the company is better because of it – fuels my energy for the next task.

Ask for help.
You can try to do it all yourself, but your output will represent your solo effort. Asking for help will increase not only your output but also your quality. Great ideas can come from anywhere, and you never know what might happen when you invite others to join you. You may just get smarter in the process.

Start and stop frequently. 
Breaks increase productivity. They reset your mind. Sure. You may feel like you have momentum, but a quick break will do even more for you. Just make sure before you stop, you write down the first two actions you need to take when you resume. You don’t want to waste time trying to figure out where you were.

That’s what I do. How do you tackle daunting tasks? What secrets do you have you’d share?

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