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— Tom Kerins, Program Director, Center on Innovation and Improvement


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It’s January, so of course, everyone is talking and asking about resolutions – something I generally don’t do. Sure, I have some idea of things I’d like to do, but I don’t write down “I resolve to…”

It got me thinking about it though. Here’s what I finally came up with for 2017:

I want to create more moments – memories that will stand out when I look back on 2017. So to do that, I started thinking about what makes a moment. I don’t know there’s a formula, but there seem to be three key elements involved. Here’s my take:

  • The best moments almost always involve people we feel strongly about – people with whom we really enjoy spending time. To create more moments, you have to spend more time with the people you like / care about most. They might be with one other person or a group of people, but the best moments often involve others.
  • Moments usually involve fun, laughter and / or a little bit of craziness. Doing the ordinary doesn’t create a moment. Stretch yourself. Let down your guard. Go outside your norm. Wear a onesie. Dance like no one is watching. Make a snow angel. Sing loudly, even if you can’t sing well. Then find others willing to do that too.
  • Moments end in stories. We recount them over brunch or cocktails or at parties, and they make us feel something, even if the stories tell how the moment all went wrong – the attempted moment gone awry. Moments are the DNA of our legacy – what people will remember and talk about when we’re no longer here.

So, there you have it. Here’s to Moments! <Cheers!> Let’s create more of them in 2017.

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