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Goal Setting – Keeping My Eye on the Ball

5611639901_86b4d1b823_oI was reading a blog post by my friend, Heather Whaling, from her new project, #Defining Your All. In the post, she talks about the tendency of people to compare one person’s goals (my word, not hers) to another person’s goals and place some level of judgment or value on them (i.e., that person’s goals are better than another person’s). This got me thinking about some of the posts I’ve put on this site.

When asked, I always say, “I work with individuals and corporations on their goals – personal or professional.” Yet, the examples I have used on this site have almost exclusively focused on business and success as defined by having more money, a better title, etc. – the things that have come to be commonly referred to as ‘success’. That’s NOT my approach with working with people; it’s much more holistic. I talk about aspects of a person’s life and push people to explore all the facets of their lives that bring them happiness or detract from it.

So, I want to do a better job here. I want to make sure I keep my eye on the ball. Perhaps some of you are interested in improving your personal relationships or freeing up more personal time or figuring out how to balance the demands of a busy career and home life. What does it look like? Heather speaks about ‘Defining Your All’. I talk about examining all areas of your life on a continuum.

What are the different aspects of your life? Relationships? Spirituality? Work? Financial? You determine them. Now go ahead and place them on a continuum from 0-3, using the following values:

0 = absent
1 = could be better
2 = pretty good
3 = great/excellent

Perhaps Work is a 3, but Financial is a 1.5. Maybe Relationships are a 2.2 and Spirituality is a 2.7. When you examine the individual areas, what needs to happen to bring each category to a 3 – YOUR version of 3? This is your life. You are in charge of it. You get to decide what a 3 looks like for you when contemplating Relationships. It may be more time spent with friends, or more one-on-one time with a significant other. It’s your definition.

You may have several areas that you want to work on. Don’t we all? Think about the areas that will improve your happiness the most, and put some priorities to them. Little by little, you can chip away at the gap between where you are and where you want to be. THAT’s where happiness lies…for you.



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