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Five things I learned from my contacts

Five things I learned from my contacts


I am 9 days into wearing contacts, and I am ready to throw them out. Every day is a challenge to get them in my eyes and another challenge to remove them. I like simple, so LASIK is looking pretty good right now. Just as I was ready to throw my hands up in the air, I took a breath and began considering what I had learned over the past 9 days that would help me get better at dealing with contacts. When I started pondering my lessons learned, I realized those same lessons apply to running a business, so I decided to share them. I hope this helps.

Here’s what I learned from my contacts:

Sometimes you think you have the contact in, but you don’t. I find myself looking around the counter top and in the sink to see if it fell off my finger, and when I don’t see it, I am ecstatic! I am so excited I got the contact in that I am ready to post a photo on Facebook. Imagine the look on my face when I realize it’s inverted and still on my finger, because it formed a suction there instead of on my eyeball.

Lesson: Don’t celebrate too soon. There will be time. It’s just not yet.

Any little piece of dirt can irritate your eyes over time. Having dropped my contact off my finger about 5,000 times over that last week, I spend a good part of my morning and evening cleaning my contacts…AGAIN. It’s about attempt number 38 where I’m frustrated and tell myself rinsing it in solution isn’t that big of a deal. It never fails that attempt 39 makes it into my eye…with dirt on it. It stings so badly that I have to remove it (which isn’t easy), and I begin the process again after cleaning it.

Lesson: Shortcuts don’t usually pay off. Do the work – all of the work. It will yield a better result.

Everyone who has ever worn contacts has advice, and they ALL swear it will get better over time. This is how you should hold your eyelid. This is how you clean the contact. You’re not using enough pressure. You’re using too much pressure. Don’t be afraid to touch your eyes. Use the other hand. Just grab the contact and pinch it in your fingers. Use more solution. Use less.

Lesson: You can listen to others, but you ultimately have to do it yourself and find your own way.

There is writing on the contact that helps you identify if the contact is inside out. This fun fact makes me laugh. If I could see the minuscule writing on the contacts, I wouldn’t need to wear contacts.

Lesson: Some advice is bad advice. When you hear it, ignore it.

If your prescription isn’t correct, you won’t see better.  You can have the contact in the right way, situated on your eye the right way and with the suction just right, but if your prescription is wrong, your vision is going to be blurry.

Lesson: If you’re working with the wrong solution, the rest doesn’t matter.

What other every day life tasks have taught you something about your business / job? Share them below in the comments. I want to let others learn from you.

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