Running a successful business goes hand in hand with leading a successful life. Keith Speers is a strategist and coach who does an amazingly good job of helping entrepreneurs (like me) uncover the life and business obstacles and opportunities to help grow a business. Part cheerleader, part tough guy, Keith is a bundle of energy, wisdom and tactical recommendations. I've been working with Keith less than a year and have already seen a 25% growth in my business, am less stressed and feel more confident about my next steps.

— Danica Kombol, President, Everywhere Agency


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Everyday Voting

Today’s election day, but whether you know it or not, you vote every day. You vote on the grocery where you shop, where you buy your coffee, the restaurant where you eat lunch. You vote on the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the social activities you attend. You might not be electing the president, but you are sending a message about what you support and where you’ll spend your money.

Similar to elections, millions of dollars are spent trying to gain your attention and to solicit your vote. Businesses are all raising their hands and saying, “Pick me. Vote for me.” Unlike political elections though, business remain open as long as they get enough votes. They don’t have to win. They don’t have to be elected unanimously.

Your vote is your voice. Use it wisely. Make sure your vote represents you.

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