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Don’t Be the Cause of Chaos; Be the Cure.

The past two weeks have had people in my life stressing out – for lots of different reasons, but still stressing out. While speaking with a client toward the end of last week, I said, “Don’t ever be the cause of stress for your clients, but when your clients are stressed, be there to help them resolve it.”

I’ve let that simmer for a few days, and I’m now expanding it to more than stress – to chaos. Some people like chaos. They like to live in it, to really roll around it.

Here’s the problem: when customers see YOUR chaos, they may turn and go the other direction. It doesn’t matter that you’re dealing with it well. The truth is most of us are not that interested in other people’s chaos. We look. We point. We may even chuckle, and then we walk away. When it’s ours, it’s different. We want the world to stop revolving. We want everyone to help us with our chaos – to help us figure it out or resolve it. Meanwhile, our customers are looking at us, pointing, and maybe even chuckling…right before they walk away.

TIP: If you want to get more customers, help them resolve their chaos WITHOUT adding any of your own. The same advice goes for winning over your boss or getting the attention of top executives.

Any experience with this? Let me hear from you in the comments below.

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