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Business Fitness Challenge – Part Seven

Business Fitness Challenge – Part Seven

STEP SEVEN: Celebrate your successes, but don’t take your eye off the prize.
You work so hard that when something good happens, you want to celebrate. You want to raise your hands in the air and claim victory. You want to call your friends – all of them – and tell them about what just happened.

You hit your next goal weight. You lift more than you ever have previously. You lower your body fat percentage. You run your first 5K. You complete your first cross fit workout of the day. You go to the gym every day for one month. They’re all successes.

You hit your sales target. You bring in more revenue than you ever have previously. You lower your overhead costs. You launch your first website. You complete your first corporate project with rave reviews. You hire three rock stars for your growing company. They’re all successes.

You just experienced success, and that doesn’t happen every day. Take a minute. Celebrate. Then, get back to work.

You want to take to social media and tell everyone what you did? Pause for a second. Remember that no one likes a braggart, especially if things aren’t necessarily going well for them. Share what’s working for you. Do so with humility. Do so remembering that one size doesn’t fit all, and that what worked for you, may not work in another business. Acknowledge the hard work. Acknowledge the achievement and most importantly, acknowledge the teamwork it took to make it happen.

But…never take your eyes off the prize.

This is one moment – a good moment – but it’s not the final goal. It’s just a moment, and hopefully, you will string together enough great moments to reach the goal, but for now, it’s just a really good moment.

We’re not trying to rain on your parade, but remember: You are one bad decision away from failure, one bad decision away from reverting back to a bad habit that would cause your business and all you’ve worked for to crumble. You have to be diligent. There will be times for you to celebrate, but those are moments on your journey. They are not the end.

Persist until the end.

Persist until you achieve the goal, then raise your hands in the air and claim victory.

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