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Business Fitness Challenge – Part Four

Business Fitness Challenge – Part Four

STEP FOUR: It’s not enough to buy the membership. You have to work the plan.
If you go to the gym once a month, you probably aren’t going to see results, and if you do, they are going to be slow in coming. The more gym time you put in, the faster you see the pounds melt away or the muscle build. You have to find the motivation to show up regularly and work hard. Your dedication will determine your results. The same is true for your business.

Small business owners often talk about how hard they work, but when asked how many hours they’re putting in, they respond 40-50 hours. FYI: That’s not hard work. That’s a standard work week.  You should work smarter, not harder, but the reality is if you work smarter longer, you will get bigger results.

Having a great plan – a plan that is powerful and will yield results – is an incredible start. It’s the first part of a two-part success formula. The second part is work the plan. Buying healthy food and placing it in your refrigerator is a great start. Your success will end there if you never eat it, and instead, reach for the cookies and chips. Once you have a reasonable plan that you are pretty sure will work if executed, it’s time to start doing it. Grab a carrot, so to speak, and get started.

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