Keith is a valuable coach to me and my team. His knowledge and in-sight of how to create a high-performing organization have been huge assets.

— Sue Darby, Assistant Vice President, YMCAs of Central Ohio


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Business Fitness Challenge – Part Five

Business Fitness Challenge – Part Five

STEP FIVE: Identify your support team.
We all need support to ensure success. When getting healthy, we call on trainers, coaches, our friends and family members to join us in the journey. It’s a way of creating public accountability, as well as sharing our misery. Sometimes, these people help us perfect our form. They point out things we don’t see, so our work is more focused and successful. Sometimes, they join us and work out with us, so we don’t feel isolated and alone.

When getting your business into shape, you will need that same support system. You may look to a coach to help refine your plan, guide your execution or help you identify missed opportunities. You might also seek out your peer group – other entrepreneurs and small business owners who share your experience of building and growing an idea or business. You may even work with other collaborators to share the work and encourage your continuous progress toward the end goal.

Whoever you select, they should push you, encourage you, empathize, inspire you and challenge you. Don’t surround yourself with people who accept your excuses or allow you to take short cuts. Create a culture of supporters who realize that supporting you means doing whatever it takes to help you get to your goal. Anything else is just not acceptable.

You need to create systems of public accountability – accountability in which you have to talk about what you were supposed to do, what you did and explain if you failed to accomplish a task or objective you were scheduled to complete. You need the equivalent of a “business public weigh in.” You need to stand on the scale with your business and be brutally honest about the progress your business is making or the reasons why it’s still where it was when you started. Weight Watchers works because of the public accountability (and humiliation) of getting on the scale in front of your group. How will you replicate that public accountability for your business?

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