Running a successful business goes hand in hand with leading a successful life. Keith Speers is a strategist and coach who does an amazingly good job of helping entrepreneurs (like me) uncover the life and business obstacles and opportunities to help grow a business. Part cheerleader, part tough guy, Keith is a bundle of energy, wisdom and tactical recommendations. I've been working with Keith less than a year and have already seen a 25% growth in my business, am less stressed and feel more confident about my next steps.

— Danica Kombol, President, Everywhere Agency


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Reputation > Revenue

I was talking to an individual who told me he had a stressful day yesterday, because he had a client who was not happy with his work, and he feared he might lose the client – a significant account for him. After talking about what he could do differently to manage the stress, the conversation shifted […]

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Strategy, Strategic Planning and Whether to Capitalize – Seriously?

A lot of people have been writing recently about the differences between Strategy (with a capital S) and strategic planning (with a lower case s). Really? Do they need a hobby? Do we need to spend our time – time which is scarce – on this? I don’t want to seem too simplistic, especially because […]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Meetings!

A colleague, Jon Myers, was discussing on Facebook how some meetings he had participated in had gotten a little out of control recently. I offered a few quick strategies to him. Here’s what I said to Jon: Hold 15-minute stand up meetings. No chairs allowed. Have a defined agenda that includes a) what you’re going […]

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You Get What You Pay For

When I go to the grocery store, there are a few items I buy for which the generic version is just not acceptable. I understand that for many items, you can replace the name brand with the generic substitute, but for some things, you can’t. My name is Keith, and I love Bounty. There. I […]

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My 2013 Advice for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

I’ve been getting a lot of questions in November and December related to my best advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs, so I decided to put it into a post. Here are a few things I would offer up to get you ending 2013 and beginning 2014 on the right foot: Follow the money. […]

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US Faces Same Small Business Challenges

NOTE TO READERS: I was talking with Adam Lehman earlier this week, and he asked me a question that basically boiled down to “How do you handle being a highly visible person, while being true to yourself (which could sometimes not sit well with others)?” It got me thinking. This post is the result. It’s NOT a […]

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