Keith has been nothing short of transformative for the organizations with whom he's served and I’m proud, and fortunate, to call him my go-to resource.

— Megan Kilgore, Assistant Auditor, City of Columbus


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5 Things You Should Do to Rebound and Recover After Failure

At some point you will break. You’ll think you’re a failure. You’ll think you’re not good enough. You’ll question your abilities, your sanity. It happens to all entrepreneurs and people who attempt to do great things. How you bounce back and get on track will be the true measurement of your success. A set back […]

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To Engage Or Not Engage

I’ve been getting questions lately about why small business don’t use social media more frequently. A little more than a year ago, I got that same question on Quora. Before I share it, let me just add one thought. Although social media is free, before engaging, you really should ask yourself if your customer is using […]

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Snow Accumulates In A Magnitude

I was watching the news, and there were still more images of Boston and what appears to be the never ending snow storm. People were out shoveling snow on top of stacks of snow already 5′ high. They were shoveling because they new if they stopped it would overtake them, but, in truth, they really […]

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Want to Crush Your Goals

Keep your head down. Eyes on the target. No excuses. Relentless pursuit.

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The Supervision Triangle

“You’re the supervisor. Supervise.” It was no sooner than the words came out of my mouth that I realized he didn’t know how.  He’d spent his brief career delegating – telling people what to do – telling people to do all he didn’t want to, all he didn’t know how to do. He hadn’t learned […]

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Everyday Voting

Today’s election day, but whether you know it or not, you vote every day. You vote on the grocery where you shop, where you buy your coffee, the restaurant where you eat lunch. You vote on the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the social activities you attend. You might not be electing the […]

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