Keith knows his business in-depth. He is one of the best communicators I have ever worked with. He has the unique ability to be very detailed yet constantly keep the whole picture in front of him.

— Tom Kerins, Program Director, Center on Innovation and Improvement


Streams of consciousness fueled by coffee, informed by experience and focused on helping you achieve your goals.

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Free Coaching Offered!

2015 was a great year, but 2016 is going to be even better. To get it started off on the right foot, we’re giving back. We’re invested in small businesses and entrepreneurs, so we’re offering some free coaching and advice to help them be successful. How do you take advantage of it? It’s FREE and easy: […]

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Not Every Baby is Beautiful

I know. Even as I type it, I can imagine the side eyes I’m getting from people that will read this post. It’s true though. Not every baby is beautiful. There are lots of beautiful babies, but not all of them are. We don’t like people to say that out loud, because we know what […]

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From Pain Comes Strength

A couple of years ago, when I broke my wrist playing ball, I had concerns about whether my wrist would be vulnerable or prone to future injuries / breaks. My surgeon told me that when a bone is broken and heals, the break becomes the strongest part of the bone going forward. For all I […]

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Five things I learned from my contacts

  I am 9 days into wearing contacts, and I am ready to throw them out. Every day is a challenge to get them in my eyes and another challenge to remove them. I like simple, so LASIK is looking pretty good right now. Just as I was ready to throw my hands up in […]

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Just Keep Swinging

I play softball, and sometimes, a great hitter will get to the plate and struggle. When it happens, he can think he’s doing all the right things, but the results just aren’t there. The more she tries, the more it DOESN’T work. It’s called a slump. When you get in a slump, it’s hard to […]

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When Your Business World Falls Apart

Sometimes, things don’t work out as we planned. Sometimes, the money doesn’t arrive as we hoped. Sometimes, the candidate says no to the job offer. Sometimes, the product falls flat. Every time it happens, it stings. Every time, it feels like you’ve reached the end. Every time, it makes you question whether you should be […]

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