Keith’s incredible experience, coupled with a most engaging presentation style, make him a facilitator of strategic planning without compare.

— Cathryn Gardner, Manager – Title Programs, Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education


Streams of consciousness fueled by coffee, informed by experience and focused on helping you achieve your goals.

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People don’t take their eyes off the goal because of something boring and unattractive. There’s a reason we refer to distractions as “shiny objects.” The thing that distracts you will ALWAYS look tempting. It will lure you with a promise of easier or faster or more lucrative, but in the end, it doesn’t deliver. Keep […]

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The Truth About Capacity

There are three ways to get capacity: you can buy it, rent it or build it. If I buy it, I pay someone else to do it because I don’t want to deal with it. It’s a long term commitment and usually, I’m not looking to ever do the thing myself. Outsourcing. If I rent it, […]

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What Are You Afraid Of?

What are you afraid of? Jump off the cliff. Ask the question. Make the decision. Try something new.  Don’t lose before you start. 

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Your Passion Has To Move People

Your business needs to make the world better in some way. I don’t necessarily mean it has to do good. It just has to improve people’s lives. That is what causes someone to buy. Give. Do. Help. Act. When you improve people’s lives, they will want to be part of your business. You need that. […]

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Free Coaching Offered!

2015 was a great year, but 2016 is going to be even better. To get it started off on the right foot, we’re giving back. We’re invested in small businesses and entrepreneurs, so we’re offering some free coaching and advice to help them be successful. How do you take advantage of it? It’s FREE and easy: […]

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Not Every Baby is Beautiful

I know. Even as I type it, I can imagine the side eyes I’m getting from people that will read this post. It’s true though. Not every baby is beautiful. There are lots of beautiful babies, but not all of them are. We don’t like people to say that out loud, because we know what […]

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