Keith is a valuable coach to me and my team. His knowledge and in-sight of how to create a high-performing organization have been huge assets.

— Sue Darby, Assistant Vice President, YMCAs of Central Ohio


Streams of consciousness fueled by coffee, informed by experience and focused on helping you achieve your goals.

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Advice to Those Just Starting Out

While speaking with a group of young entrepreneurs the other day, they asked for my best advice. Expecting I would talk about scaling and how to rapidly grow a business, they were shocked when I didn’t mention that at all. Instead, I talked about five game changers – things you can do to completely change […]

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It’s January, so of course, everyone is talking and asking about resolutions – something I generally don’t do. Sure, I have some idea of things I’d like to do, but I don’t write down “I resolve to…” It got me thinking about it though. Here’s what I finally came up with for 2017: I want […]

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2017 Challenge to Small Business Owners and Entrepreneuers

I expect a lot from small business owners and entrepreneurs. I expect them to be better, smarter, nicer, more thoughtful, etc. I’m not saying that’s a fair expectation, but I do expect it nonetheless. 2016 was the year of a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs puffing out their chests and acting like they’re […]

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Valuing You

I was talking with a client yesterday about a number of topics she was struggling with this week. She’s smart, articulate, hard-working, driven. I say this because her problems don’t stem from laziness or lack of intelligence. After almost an hour of strategizing and problem solving, I stopped cold, looked her in the eyes and […]

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The Fear of Loss vs. The Hope Of Gain

“The fear of loss is twice as powerful as the hope for gain.” Pretty smart, huh? I wish I could say I said that. I didn’t. A guy by the name of Miroff did. I agree though. We spend a lot of time holding ourselves back. We’re so afraid we’re going to fail that we […]

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Conquering the Unknown

When I work out with my trainer, I always ask him how many reps I have to do before I start. There’s something about knowing a definite number that helps me wrap my head around the exercise – regardless of how difficult it is – and successsfully complete it. I’m not one of those people […]

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