Our Vision

After years of working with consulting companies, I had grown tired of the process:

  • Business has a problem.
  • Consultant has a solution.
  • Business gives Consultant a contract.
  • Consultant does some work, then leaves.
  • Business is no better than it was before, but it has evaded the crisis of the moment.
  • Next year – repeat process.

My experience was that businesses and people focused on the barriers and problems that kept them from greatness. I wanted to change that – to focus on the potential, the opportunity – so I created a company that would change the world by becoming a strategic partner and break the cycle to write a different story, a story based upon collaboration and one key concept – Limitlessness.

Capacity Without Limits

The saying goes, “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.” At CWL, we are teachers and builders. We don’t want our clients to be reliant on us to get their work done. We want them to choose us as strategic partners, because they think we make them better. When we work on a project, we also build capacity to do that work without us. We are confident the quality of and approach to our work will bring that same client back to us again and again – not because of dependency, but because of quality.

Freedom Without Limits

For years, we’ve watched people that seemed trapped in their lives – going through the motions of their day-to-day. We think people deserve better. People deserve to call their own shots, to make decisions that lead them to happiness. We help people achieve freedom in their lives and businesses – freedom from finance, freedom from monotony, freedom to travel and live/work whenever and wherever they choose. We help people create and live the lives they dream about.

Improvement Without Limits

We’re maximizers, taking the time to examine problems closely and designing for improvement. We approach our work like a puzzle, considering each options until we find just the right piece and place. We fine tune work by searching for and executing small and large enhancements that make a huge difference in our clients’ businesses and lives. We’re fixers. If something doesn’t seem quite right, we make it better. It’s a mandate, not an option.

Kindness Without Limits

“To whom much is given, much is required.” We take this seriously, and we recognize that we have a responsibility to make our world better. Because responsibility begins with response, we have to act. We can’t sit back and watch injustice or inequality. It’s not about us giving handouts or doing FOR others. It’s about opening doors and leveling the playing field to provide access and opportunity, so others can do for themselves and reach their potential.

Possibility Without Limits

We break down walls and mental constraints that cause people to hesitate, slow down or hold back. We help them explore options, expand their thinking, gain confidence and push themselves, so they can dream of, learn about and do things they previously thought out of reach. We expect heroic acts – acts others balk at – to be everyday occurrences, and we surround ourselves with people who have tremendous imagination and believe themselves unstoppable.