Running a successful business goes hand in hand with leading a successful life. Keith Speers is a strategist and coach who does an amazingly good job of helping entrepreneurs (like me) uncover the life and business obstacles and opportunities to help grow a business. Part cheerleader, part tough guy, Keith is a bundle of energy, wisdom and tactical recommendations. I've been working with Keith less than a year and have already seen a 25% growth in my business, am less stressed and feel more confident about my next steps.

— Danica Kombol, President, Everywhere Agency


Streams of consciousness fueled by coffee and focused on helping you and your company accelerate your efforts, increase your potential and achieve your goals.

A Product in the Market is Better than an Idea on the Page

A product in the market is better than an idea in the page. 80% can be good enough. Products don’t have to be perfect to be released. You can improve them over time through looped learning, which yields future iterations and continuous improvement.

Don’t believe us? Here’s why it works:

  1. Delays in product releases provide opportunity for someone else to enter the market. Competition makes it harder to sell.
  2. Customer feedback is the most important feedback. It tells you what customers want that they are not currently getting. Getting customer feedback sooner is better than later.
  3. Quick and good with improvements over time will lead to great.

Go ahead. Try it. You’ll see it works.

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