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A Look Inside

I’ve gotten a lot of tweets and messages about my office space, which was a little surprising to me. So I decided to give you a little photo tour.


I work out of the third floor of my home. This is the view from my deck, which is right outside my office door. It faces south toward Downtown Columbus. I live in a neighborhood called the Short North, which has great restaurants and shops.

As you can see, the deck is the perfect place for summer margaritas or taking in the sun if I decide to work outside. Many great brainstorming and strategy sessions have begun on the deck and took root in the office. It’s great inspiration.

outside in
This is a view of my office from the deck through the windows. You can begin to see that the view is unobstructed, so if I really need to focus, I pull the sheers (I know…not much there to keep the view out, but it’s better than nothing.). It keeps me from seeing the fountain and the wind blowing through the plants.

office 2

Finally, here’s my desk and computer. The door in the background hides all the office supplies, files, print cartridges, and general office mess. I’m a minimalist. I don’t keep a lot of stuff out on my desk or on the surrounding surfaces. In fact, these pictures show more “things” than you would usually see in my office.

There you have it. I hope it wasn’t disappointing. For some reason, I think the peeps who have asked for a look inside the office might be expecting something more exciting (or perhaps they just want to case the joint. No worries, I have a great security system and an 8 pound Pitbull (wannabe).

office 1Now you have me wondering what some of your work spaces look like. Take us on a tour. Send us a shot of your office or a brief video.

Be creative. Although I haven’t done a great job with these photos, show me your culture – how you work. It will be great to see the differences in all your styles, and I’ll post the most interesting ones here.

What would it hurt if you decided to participate? Come on. You know you want to.

These final two photos (a view from inside the office) were added early this morning after last night’s snow.
outside snowoutside snow 2

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